ACT Prep Course

Hi, my name is Mary Margaret and I live at 273 Oxmoor Place. I am a former medical school student who has a passion for helping high school students achieve their dreams. I am going to be teaching an ACT Prep course that will entail 8 one hour long sessions focusing on tips, tricks, and the skills necessary to do well on the ACT. Unfortunately, the ACT does not test how much you know, but how well you answer their questions. I have tutored many students in the past and they have all consistently brought up their grades. Each class will have up to 5 students only, so plenty of individual attention can be given. The sessions will be taught at the Hoover Library on Saturday mornings. Your child will receive a workbook and 2 practice tests. The syllabus for the course will include:
Session 1: Introduction/Overall time saving tips and tricks
Session 2: Reading
Session 3: Science
Session 4: English
Session 5: Math
Session 6: Writing
Session 7: Practice Test
Session 8: Last minute questions/Practice Test

Please let me know if you have a student who is interested. The course will be $300 for all 8 sessions or $50 if you would like to attend an individual session only. You may e-mail me at