Annexation Information


  1. Property must be contiguous to the Pelham city limits.
  2. Letter from property owner(s) to include the following:
    • a) name and signature of all property owners
    • b) reason for annexation
    • c) number of single family dwellings on the property
    • d) number of people living on the property
    • e) number of people of voting age
    • f) number of people not of voting age
    • g) race of each person
  3. Legal deed and map of property thereof
  4. Vicinity map showing location of property and surrounding area with property to be annexed outlined or highlighted. Plot property in the City of Pelham Map Book located in city hall.
  5. Furnish the name of the utility(s) currently providing water, sewer and garbage service.

Annexations are approved by the Pelham City Council. To be placed on the council agenda, the above information must be presented to the office of the city clerk at least one week prior to a scheduled council meeting. The Pelham City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Possible reasons for annexation include excellent fire and police protection, use of city facilities including parks and eligibility to participate in city-sponsored programs.

As a citizen of Pelham, you would have the right to vote in municipal elections and participate on boards, committees and hold public office.

Information concerning property taxes may be obtained through the Shelby County Property Tax Commissioner’s office in Columbiana, (205)670-6900.

Other annexation information may be obtained by calling (205) 620-6402.