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Rules and Regulations


The Pelham Civic Complex has excellent facilities, gracious service and a staff of professionals who will do their best to assure that you and your guests are given the best possible meeting or function.  These guidelines are offered to assist you in planning a successful and enjoyable event.


Culinard Catering is our exclusive caterer providing food and beverages including alcohol when requested.  Menu packets are available through the Sales and Marketing office at the Complex or viewing online at  Final menu arrangements should be made at least TWO WEEKS in advance with Culinard Catering to ensure items selected can be obtained and properly served.  Brooke Lawler, who can be reached at 271-8231 at Culinard Catering, will help arrange any special menus to suit individual requirements and/or budgets.  NO food or beverage can be brought into the complex by the patron or any of the patronís guests utilizing the space.


Confirmation on all meal functions as to the number of guests to be served MUST be made no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled function.  All charges will be based upon the guarantee or the actual number served if greater than the guarantee.


A  20% gratuity charge will be applied to all food and beverage purchases.  There will be no sales tax added to any banquet service.


Bands, DJís and other music and/or entertainment required for your event are the direct responsibility of the client.  The complex will furnish a dance floor for your event at an additional cost. 


Please discuss your request in advance with the Sales and Marketing Director.  Approximately two (2) weeks prior to your event, you will be contacted by the complex staff to make sure all your particular needs have been addressed.


The complex will store conference materials of reasonable quantity and size if received no more than two (2) days prior to your event.  Shipments should be directed to the Sales and Marketing office and must indicate the name of the event and the function date.


A wide selection of audiovisual equipment and services are available on a rental basis.  We request that you order equipment at least 72 hours in advance of your scheduled event.  The charges will be added to your final invoice.

Equipment problems must be reported immediately in order to provide customer with help. Customers are responsible for all costs if a problem is not reported during the event.

All bulbs, lamps and batteries must be returned with equipment (regardless of condition).  Items not returned will be billed to client.  All Audio Visual equipment ordered through the complex is guaranteed to be fully operational upon delivery to customer.


No sign or banners to be placed on walls.  All signs must be free standing from the floor up.

No tape or tacks of any kind are allowed in the banquet area.

All clients and vendors must check in with the Sales and Marketing department prior to move in for an event.

Set up for an event should NOT be planned the night before an event unless previously arranged with Sales and Marketing.

No balloons, confetti, glitter, chewing gum or crayons are permitted in the banquet area.


In the event of a cancellation, a letter should be sent to the Director of Sales and Marketing at least thirty (30) days prior to the event, and the deposit will be returned to the patron at the end of the month of the event.  If the cancellation letter is received within the thirty (30) day window, the client will forfeit the deposit unless the complex is able to put another event in that time slot.


The Complex does not assume responsibility for items left unattended in public area or function rooms.  Arrangements for security of exhibits or merchandise set up for display can be made through the Sales Office.  The Complex reserves the right to require security guards for selected groups.  The security officers will be off duty Pelham Police officers and scheduled by the complex.  Payment for security is due and payable prior to an event and must be paid directly to the officer on duty.  The cost is $25.00 per hour with a minimum of four (4) hours.


The Pelham Civic Complex requires a deposit and a signed contract to guarantee space for an event.  The event charges are to be paid on the day of the event or prior to unless previous arrangements have been made with the Sales and Marketing Director.  For your convenience, we accept VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER CARD or a personal check.


There will be no profanity or fighting allowed on the Pelham Civic Complex property. 


Cut-off shirts and any clothing with offensive language or pictures will not be allowed on the Complex property.  Shoes must be worn to enter the Complex.  No flip-flops or shower shoes allowed.


There will be no illegal drugs, of any kind, allowed on the Complex property.  No alcoholic beverages will be brought onto the Complex property.  All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through the Pelham Civic Complex catering or concession services.  All those purchasing alcoholic beverages must be 21 years of age and will be subject to present a form of picture identification.                                    


There will be no firearms, knives or weapons of any kind, allowed on the Complex property.