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Mosquito Control
5/20/2003  Free Larvicide

Free larvicide "doughnuts" are available to citizens of Pelham at the Water Works office which is located directly behind Pelham library at 3111 Cummins St.

The larvicide is designed to be placed in areas where water frequently stands for 7 to 10 days and becomes stagnated.  This product is not designed for items such as birdbaths and "kiddie" pools.  These items should be emptied and cleaned at least once a week. 

The city's plan for mosquito control includes educating the public on prevention measures, removal of containers where mosquitoes breed, distributing free larvacide tablets to residents and businesses, dispatching crews to check reported trouble spots and public works placing liquid and tablet larvacide in poor drainage areas, culverts, etc.

Mosquito control involves everyone.  Please report any trouble spots through the action center and be sure to wear appropriate mosquito repellent.