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Super Seniors Coming To Pelham Racquet Club
10/6/2004  State Play-Offs Rescheduled After Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Ivan wreaked havoc on the Gulf coast in many ways. The damage to the coast and many of the facilities there caused the USTA / Alabama district to revise the state championships scheduled there. As a result the Pelham Racquet Club will host the State Championship for the Combo Super Seniors on October 15 - 17, 2004. Super Seniors are players 62 and older, otherwise the playing format is the same. Teams from across Alabama will be here to contest each other for a state title and the right to play in the Southern Regional. Teams must have won their local league in one of the availble combo levels: 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, or 8.5. A team match consist of three individual doubles matches with the team that wins at least 2 of 3 of these matches winning the team match.

The tournament will take nine courts during the weekend so there will be other courts and times available for non-tournament play. Plan to come by and/or play and see some great tennis.