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Employee Spotlight

Police Officer Isaac Cruz

Officer Isaac Cruz is a native from Mexico, however he grew up in the state of Texas.  Cruz' family eventually moved to the state of Alabama due to his father's ministry through a Hispanic Baptist Church.  Isaac feels blessed for the achievements he has been able to accomplish since his family moved to the United States.

Isaac began his law enforcement career in March of 2000 as a corrections officer for the City of Boaz, Alabama.  Isaac being the first Hispanic officer to work for the Boaz Police Department acquired his training not only from working with jail inmates, but also by translating for officers on the streets who were encountering language barriers.  The City of Boaz gave Isaac the opprotunity to attend the Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Academy in Jacksonville, Alabama.  Isaac worked as a patrol officer for four years as well as narcotics investigations before receiving a promotion to the rank of Sergeant.  Isaac has also worked with the FBI, Organized Crime Task Force, in which he received multiple training opprotunities to excel in his career.  In addition, he worked directly with the Marshall, DeKalb and Etowah County Drug Units.

The City of Pelham Police Department provided Officer Cruz with the opprotunity to advance his career and Isaac began employment in June of 2009.  Isaac has a strong working relationship with his fellow officers and has demonistrated his ability to provide teamwork and cooperation with every shift he has been asigned.  Isaac has been selected to join the hostage negotiations team and is scheduled to receive training for this through the FBI.  Isaac has also worked directly with surrounding agencies and is always eager to help officers from any jurisdiction.

Isaac relocated to the Shelby County area with this wife and children in 2009.  During his time away from the Police Department Isaac enjous spending time with his family and frients.  Isaac enjoys meeting new people and is always eager to learn new things

These attributes as well as many not listed make Officer Isaac Cruz Pelham Police Department's Employee Spotlight. 



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