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Applications and Permits

Requirements to submit building plans

Submit one complete set of plans for residential, two sets of stamped plans for commercial, with plot plan, wall detail, grading plan, Land Disturbance permit (requirements listed below), and  Landscaping and Buffer plan.  Permit fee is based on square footage of home/commercial improvement.  The builder is required to pay a sewer impact fee at the time the permit is purchased if the project is going on the sewer system.  Inspections are to be called in the day before an inspection is needed.  All construction is to be in accordance to the Standard Building Code, 1997 edition.  A foundation survey shall be provided to the Building Official after footing is poured to insure that all zoning requirements are met.  For additional adopted codes and regulations, call (205) 620-6411 or fax (205) 663-0050.  All contractors, subs, and suppliers are to be licensed with the City of Pelham.   Proof of State certification is required on certain classifications.  Contractors are to check with the Building Department regarding zoning of property sites before submitting plans for construction.  Builders and business owners should also check with the Building Department regarding the City of Pelham Sign Ordinance.

Sign Permits
The City of Pelham Sign Ordinance requires the issuance of a permit to erect, change or alter any type sign.  The square footage of the building determines the copy area and height allowed for signs.  The permit fee is based on the cost of improvement.

A permit application can be downloaded from this site (Adobe Acrobat format).


The following checklists are intended to be used as a minimum standard for civil engineering drawings submitted for approval to the City of Pelham.  Additional requirements may be deemed necessary in the review process as conditions warrant.

Subdivisions shall consist of a preliminary plat, construction drawings, and a final plat.  The preliminary plat and the construction drawings shall be submitted at the same time for review.  A review will not be conducted until both are received.  The following formats will be required during the approval process:

Preliminary Plats
Refer to Section 3.01 of the “Subdivision Regulations – City of Pelham, Alabama.”  Also refer to the “General Checklist” provided below.

Construction Plans
Boundary and Topographic Surveys of Development
Preliminary Plat
Streets – Plan and Profile
Sanitary Sewer with service lines to structures – Plan and Profile
Storm Sewer – Plan and Profile
Utility Plan

Final Plats
Refer to Section 3.03 of the “Subdivision Regulations – City of Pelham, Alabama.”  Also refer to the “General Checklist” provided below.

The following formats will be required during the approval process:

Site Plan
Grading and Storm Drainage Plan
Erosion Control Plan
Utility Plan

In addition to the criteria outlined above, the following shall be required for subdivisions and site development drawings:

Project Title

Vicinity Map

Graphic Scale

Legal Tie to Property (Quarter Section, Township, Range)

North Arrow

Boundary Survey signed, sealed and dated by a land surveyor registered in the State of Alabama; provide recording information (Deed Reference, Map Book and Page Number, etc.)

Location and widths of all easements; provide recording information (Deed Reference, Map Book and Page Number, etc.).  Indicate type of easement and grantee.

Name, address and telephone numbers of developer, contractor, land surveyor and engineer

Drawings signed, sealed and dated by a civil engineer registered in the State of Alabama

Street or highway identification including type and width of right-of-way and the government agency which maintains the right-of-way

Access driveway (width, radius of corners, location).  Sight distances shall be indicated on drawings for driveways accessing city streets (refer to standards by Shelby County Highway Department).  For county and state rights-of-way provide evidence of permit by indicating the permit number on the drawing.

Detailed parking plan with count and dimensions; show regular and handicapped parking calculations

Existing and proposed buildings referenced to property lines; indicate all required setbacks on site plan.

Storm drainage design with calculations (pipe flow, runoff coefficients, rainfall intensities, drainage areas, discharge velocities, etc.).  Storm drainage shall be designed for a 25-year storm.  Show that the post-development runoff does not exceed the pre-development runoff.  Show calculations for stormwater detention facilities, including design for the 25-year one-hour rainfall event and emergency spillway designed to convey the 100-year rainfall event.  Indicate the existing and proposed piping.  All storm piping within City rights-of-way and easements shall be a minimum of eighteen inches in diameter and shall be reinforced concrete.

Topographic survey with datum indicated on drawing

Any portion of land subject to flooding.  Reference appropriate community panel number pertaining to National Flood Insurance Program’s “Flood Insurance Rate Maps.”

Provide temporary benchmark and indicate by location and elevation at site.

Provide evidence of NPDES Permit issued by Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

For sanitary sewer pump stations show calculations.  Also provide performance curve for pump selected, if applicable.  Indicate horsepower, total dynamic head, gallons per minute, power requirements, etc.

Provide names, addresses, telephone numbers and recording information for all adjoiners.

For utility plans indicate type and size of service for each utility and the contact information for each utility provider.