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United States Flag Disposal
9/10/2003  Fire department offers to dispose of your old and worn US flag

The wars on terrorism and in Iraq have caused a resurgence of patriotism in our country.  In fact, there has not been a time in our recent history when our flag has been more visible and prominently displayed.  To fly the symbol of our heritage and national pride on our homes and in the workplace is a wonderful thing.  However, to continue to display our national colors beyond its normal service life, until it is tattered and faded, is to dishonor the flag.  Many simply continue to display their flags because they do not know how to properly dispose of a worn flag. Let us help you.  If you have a worn flag in need of disposal, please drop it off at any Pelham fire station.  We will insure that “Old Glory” is laid to rest with the dignity and reverence she is due. 


Thank you