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Pelham Firefighters Receive Promotions
12/12/2001  This article taken from the Shelby County Reporter, dated December 12, 2001.

The City of Pelham recently had a ceremony for members of the Pelham Fire Department   who had achieved promotions and to honor them for their work

Among the requirements for such promotions was to take an exam testing their knowledge and skills in the fire service. 

Mayor Bobby Hayes said the firemen were essential to the City of Pelham.

“We may not show it, but we appreciate what you do everyday for us,” he said.  “We know if we go down, if we hold on till the truck gets there, we will get back up.”

Those promoted to Battalion Chief, James M. Roberts; to Fire Captain, Blair W. Sides and Christopher D. Ward;  to Fire Captain (Training Division) David E. McCurry; to Fire Lieutenant, Dewitt Marcrum and Joey Nelson.

Pelham Fire Chief Gary Waters credited the firefighters for their achievements saying, “They, without hesitation, accept the risks associated with their jobs.”

Also at the ceremony, Waters gave special recognition to a class of new recruits from throughout the area.  The recruits were doing their training as part of a 6 to 10 week program offered at the Pelham fire Department for state certification.

“These men are men on the very front edge of their careers in the fire service.”  Waters said “”I stand in awe of young men who, in light of what happened on September 11, are still committed to pursue this career.”

The new firefighter recruits include John Yancey, Harpersville; Jason Watson, Harpersville; Brian Gardner, Pelham;  Jason Calvert, Cahaba Valley Fire District;  Kent Barber, Pelham;  Brian Greene, Cahaba Valley Fire District;  Jason Rickels, Tarrant City and  Joe Harbarger, Hoover.