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Santa is Coming to Town
11/18/2002  Fire Department to take Santa on his annual tour of the City on Christmas Eve

Santa will be tourning the City of Pelham once again this Christmas Eve.  Please see the schedule for the approximate time he will be in your area.

Click here for a printable copy (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader software).

Santa Schedule
December 24, 2002
4:00 PM Sykes Street 4:00 PM Windstone
4:10 PM Pelham Heights Road 4:20 PM Balentree
4:20 PM Heather Ridge/Stonehaven 4:30 PM Oaklyn Hills
5:40 PM King Valley 4:50 PM Oak Forest
5:50 PM Ivy Brook 5:00 PM Oak Crest
6:20 PM High Ridge / Plaza Pines 5:05 PM Deer Springs Estates/Hwy 11
6:40 PM Davenport/Carrol/Grubbs/Oliver St. 5:30 PM Bent Rail
7:00 PM Martin St., Yeager Pkwy., Laurel Cliffs 5:50 PM Weatherly
7:20 PM Cambrian Ridge 7:50 PM Brookshire Estates
7:30 PM Emerald Lake 8:00 PM Highway 361
7:45 PM Brook Hollow Estates 8:05 PM Mallard Point
7:55 PM Hidden Creek 8:15 PM Hunters Glen
8:40 PM KOA 8:25 PM Silver Leaf
8:50 PM Canyon Park 8:35 PM Mallard Point II
9:00 PM Oak Ridge Estates/ Crestmont 8:50 PM Deer Creek Estates
8:55 PM Legacy Parc
9:10 PM High Hampton
4:00 PM Chandalar Condos 4:00 PM Indian Lake
4:05 PM Cahaba Valley Estates 4:20 PM Indian Hills
5:20 PM Chase Creek Townhomes 5:20 PM Chandalar Estates
5:30 PM Brookfield Estates 7:05 PM Wellington Estates
5:35 PM Indian Creek Estates 7:20 PM Wildewood Townhomes
6:00 PM Cedar Cove 7:35 PM Richmond Cir., Williamsburg
6:20 PM Sommersby/Sugar Oaks Townhomes 7:50 PM Windsor Ridge
6:25 PM Cobblestone/Amanda Trace 7:55 PM Beaver Creek
6:35 PM Saddle Run 8:15 PM Aaron, Kristen, Issac
6:40 PM The Cottages 8:40 PM Royal Oaks, Royal Chase
6:45 PM Stratford Place
7:00 PM Hayesbury
7:05 PM Indianwood Apartments Please Note:  All times are approximate and this schedule may have to be altered to accommodate emergency calls.  If an emergency call should occur, every effort will be made to bring Santa to your area.  Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.
7:20 PM Valleydale MHP
7:25 PM Little Mountain Chateau
7:50 PM Summer Place
8:15 PM Belle Vista MHP
8:25 PM Wilson's MHP
8:30 PM Southgate MHP
8:40 PM Greenpark South Gary W. Waters, Fire Chief