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Board Members

Park and Recreation Board Members



Pictured from Left to Right:

Barry Graves, Willard Payne, Judy Byram, Dan Davis, Billy Crandall, Becky Beall, Don Jones


Dan Davis


Judy Byram, Don Jones ,Becky Beall and Barry Graves

Council Rep

Willard Payne

Associate Members

Eric Stovall (Baseball)

Brian Snyder (Football)

Ken Vines (Tennis)


Dixie Baseball/Softball Executive Board Members


Bottom Row from Left to Right:

Dana Payne, Diane Mathews, Sandra Milstead

Top Row from Left to Right:

David Anchors, Billy Crandall, Calvin Gunn, Greg Metcalf, Lenny Glynn, Eric Stovall

Not Pictured:

Tommy Forehand, Robert Bowers

Executive Board President

Calvin Gunn

Executive Board Members

Robert Bowers, Lenny Glynn, Tommy Forehand, Sandra Milstead, Vicki Tittle


Dixie Baseball/Softball Advisory Board

President (Baseball)

Eric Stovall


David Anchors

President (Softball)

Diane Mathews


Dana Payne