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About Us


The mission of the Pelham Police Department is to provide the general public with adequate protection and law enforcement related services.  In furtherance of this stated mission, the members of the police department must function together as a team to provide the best in timely, professional service to the public.


To accomplish the stated mission of the department, it is necessary to refine the mission statement into more specific goals as follows:

  • Preservation of human life
  • Crime prevention and suppression
  • Investigation of crimes
  • Apprehension of offenders
  • Crime reduction
  • Law enforcement
  • Facilitate the movement of traffic and people
  • Investigation of traffic accidents
  • Maintenance of public order
  • Provision of emergency services
  • Provision of general public services
  • Protection of the communityís constitutional rights

It shall be the policy of the police department to review the mission statement and goals on an annual basis and make changes as necessary.


In order to facilitate accomplishment of the stated goals, the police department has been divided into several basic organizational units; Patrol Division, Investigation Division, Administrative Services Division and Administrative Operations Command.  Each of these units is charged with the responsibility for specific areas of law enforcement service delivery.

Patrol Division

The general responsibilities assigned to the Patrol Division include first response to emergency situations, traffic control and enforcement, traffic accident investigation, preventive patrol for crime suppression, preliminary investigation of crimes and general assistance to citizens.

Investigations Division

The general responsibilities of the Investigation Division include the follow-up investigation of all felony and serious misdemeanor crimes committed within the city limits.  Personnel assigned to the Investigation Division also gather and maintain criminal intelligence information as well as perform surveillance of suspected criminal activities.  Investigations Division personnel handle all drug investigations, juvenile investigations and school liaison services.

Administrative Services Division 

The Administrative Services Division includes the Police/Fire 911 Dispatch Unit as well as responsibility for police records, court liaison services, warrant services, computer systems operations, equipment procurement and radio systems maintenance and operation.

Administrative Operations Command

Personnel in the Administrative Operations Command manage and direct overall police department activities and conduct research to develop, update and implement rules, regulations and general orders governing the operation of the police department.  Additional duties of the Administrative Operations Command include personnel recruitment and retention, inspection services, internal affairs, budgeting and accounting, training and the DARE program.


The City of Pelham is an active, growing, confident community. The safety of Pelhamís citizens and their property is essential to maintaining and improving the economic stability and general quality of life in the community.  The Pelham Police Departmentís central goal is to promote public safety by seeking to be increasingly effective and responsive to the law enforcement needs of the community.



The Pelham Police Department is a modern, progressive, full-service municipal law enforcement agency dedicated to the ideal of providing superior police services to the community it serves.  The Pelham city limits encompass an area of approximately 45 square miles and two major thoroughfares; Interstate 65 and State Highway 31 bisect the city.  In addition to the many residential areas within the city, there is also a substantial retail/business/manufacturing composite.  To address the needs of our citizens, the department employs a total of 76 police personnel, of which 61 are sworn police officers, 12 are police 911 dispatchers, 2 records personnel and 1 Administrative Assistant. The department is organized into three primary operational divisions: Patrol, Investigations and Administrative Services. 

In addition to the routine duties performed by the Pelham Police Department, the department offers a number of specialized police services to the community, some of which are described below.  Personnel assigned to each of these units perform these specialized functions on a part-time, as-needed basis in addition to their normal police assignments.

Tactical Operations Unit

The Tactical Operations Unit was formed in 1982 and was the first SWAT team in Shelby County.  The Tact team deploys on calls where the risk to regular patrol officers and/or the public is such that specialized weapons and techniques would be most likely to resolve the situation without injury to any person.  Continuous training and frequent equipment upgrades keep this team the finest and most proficient such team in Shelby County.

Evidence Technician Unit

Originally formed in 1978, the Pelham Police Evidence Technician Unit was the first such group of trained, professional crime scene investigators in Shelby County and remains the standard for excellence in our county.  Pelham Evidence Technicians process the scene of a crime for any forensic evidence that may remain for future analysis and/or court presentation.  This unit has received many accolades for excellence and professionalism from prosecutors and even, on occasion, from defense attorneys.

D.A.R.E. Program

The national D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse and Resistance Education) program is utilized by the Pelham Police Department in the Shelby County schools that lie within our city limits. The Pelham Police Department has assigned a nationally certified D.A.R.E. officer to the Pelham schools.  Started in 1994, the Pelham D.A.R.E. program has consistently garnered praise and support from school administrators, parents and most especially, the school children.  One successful offshoot of the Pelham D.A.R.E. program is the Pelham High School Role Model Club. This group is comprised of high school students who exhibit admirable qualities and are willing to interact with the elementary and middle school children, under controlled conditions, to reinforce the positive message endorsed by D.A.R.E.  The Role Model Club has been a tremendous success for all concerned.  The Pelham Police D.A.R.E. officer maintains offices at most of the schools and is on campus and available to the staff and children whenever a D.A.R.E. class is not being taught.

School Liaison Officer Program

This School Liaison Officer is a police officer who has demonstrated an ability to successfully interact with young people and can handle the dual role of providing visible security on campus as well as providing investigative services when offenses do take place on school grounds.  This program has received widespread accolades from school staff, parents, school children and the Board of Education.

Traffic Unit

Officers assigned to the Traffic Unit undergo intensive advanced training in accident reconstruction and accident investigation techniques.  When members of this unit are not working traffic accidents, they provide selective traffic enforcement in areas of the city that have been pre-designated as traffic problem areas, based on citizen complaints and/or the statistical analysis of traffic accident data.