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Challenge Ladder

Men's & Women's Singles Challenge Ladder

  • Sign-Up now in progress for Summer '03 Ladders
  • $5.00 Entry Fee
  • Non-Pelham Racquet Club members pay Guest Fee when playing a Challenge Match
  • All matches must be played at Pelham Racquet Club
  • Both players should bring an unopened can of balls and the winner keeps the unopened can
  • Players may challenge 1 or 2 spots ahead of their position provided neither player is involved in a match
  • Players have 7 days to arrange a match
  • Matches are the best 2 of 3 Tiebreak Sets
  • Players must complete a match before challenging another player
  • Players unsuccessful in arranging a match within a week may call Pelham Racquet Club for assistance at (205) 621-3380

Current Men's Challenge Ladder
Current Women's Challenge Ladder