Building Department

  • Does the City of Pelham have a landscaping ordinance?

    Yes, for a copy please contact us at (205) 620-6411.

  • How is an inspection requested with the City of Pelham?

    To set up an inspection call (205) 620-6411. To talk with the inspector call 620-6409 or 620-6451 until 4:00 P.M. When requesting an inspection provide the permit number and address. All inspections must be set up 24 hours in advance. Please leave a contact number. The inspector will call if there are any questions concerning the inspection. Subcontractor/suppliers list is to be submitted to the Building Department as soon as possible after purchasing permit. A framing inspection will not be scheduled until this form has been returned and all subs/suppliers have been reviewed for a license with the City of Pelham. There is a $25.00 re-inspection fee if an inspection is set up and is not ready or does not pass.

  • Is a contractor required to be certified by the contractor’s board to do commercial construction?

    Yes, this is a state requirement.

  • What is the time frame when submitting plans to obtaining building permit?

    There is a 3 to 4 day turn around period before obtaining permit.

  • How many sets of plans are required for construction?

    One (1) set of complete drawings for residential. Two (2) sets of complete, stamped and signed, drawings for commercial.

  • What are the City of Pelham codes dealing with buildings, construction, and related activities?

    (1) International Building Code, 2009 edition.

    Amendment 1: The following Sections shall be revised as follows:

    • Section 101.1 Insert: City of Pelham
    • Section 1612.3 Insert: City of Pelham
    • Section 1612.3 Insert: September 29, 2006
    • Section 3412.2 insert: June 17, 2110

    (2) International Residential Code, 2009 edition (with following amendments):

    Amendment 1: Section R313.2 One- and two-family dwellings automatic fire systems.

    Section R313.2 and subsequent exception shall be omitted.
    Section R313.2.1, Design and installation shall be retained.

    (3) International Fire Code, 2009 edition (with the following amendments and exceptions) and appendix chapters B, C, D, H, I, and J.

    Amendment 1: Chapter 47, Referenced Standards, paragraph one, shall read as follows:

    This chapter lists the standards that are referenced in various sections of this document. The standards are listed herein by the promulgating agency of the standard, the standard identification, the effective date and title, and the section or sections of this document that references the standard. The application of the referenced standards shall be as specified in Section 102.7.

    Amendment 2: Chapter 1, Section 102, 102.7, Referenced codes and
    standards, shall read as follows:

    The codes and standards referenced in this code shall be those that are listed in Chapter 47 and such codes and standards shall be considered part of the requirements of this code to the prescribed extent of each such reference. Where differences occur between the provisions of this code and the referenced standards, the provisions of this code shall apply.

    Amendment 3: Chapter 1, Section 105, Permits. The following sections shall be omitted:

    (1) Section 105.6.5
    (2) Section 105.6.6
    (3) Section 105.6.7
    (4) Section 105.6.8
    (5) Section 105.6.9
    (6) Section 105.6.11
    (7) Section 105.6.12
    (8) Section 105.6.13
    (9) Section 105.6.16
    (10) Section 105.6.17
    (11) Section 105.6.18
    (12) Section 105.6.19
    (13) Section 105.6.20
    (14) Section 105.6.21
    (15) Section 105.6.22
    (16) Section 105.6.23
    (17) Section 105.6.24
    (18) Section 105.6.25
    (19) Section 105.6.26
    (20) Section 105.6.28
    (21) Section 105.6.29
    (22) Section 105.6.30
    (23) Section 105.6.34
    (24) Section 105.6.35
    (25) Section 105.6.36
    (26) Section 105.6.38
    (27) Section 105.6.39
    (28) Section 105.6.40
    (29) Section 105.6.42
    (30) Section 105.6.45
    (31) Section 105.6.46
    (32) Section 105.6.47

    Amendment 4: The following exception shall be omitted:

    Section 3301.1.3, exception number 4

    Amendment 5: The following sections shall read as follows:

    Section 101.1. Insert: City of Pelham
    Section 109.3. Insert: Class C misdemeanor, $500, 5 days
    Section 111.4. Insert: $50, $500

    (4) International Existing Building Code, 2009 edition

    (5) International Fuel Gas Code, 2009 edition

    (6) International Plumbing Code, 2009 edition

    (7) International Code Council Electrical Code, 2009 edition

    (8) International Mechanical Code, 2009 edition

    (9) Additional Regulations:

    • (a). All footings shall have a minimum of two No. 4 reinforcing bars placed in the lower third of the footing at least one inch above the bottom of the footing. All reinforcing bars shall be supported on metal brackets or chairs and shall be overlapped at least one foot at each joint. All bars shall be wired to the chairs and at each overlapping joint. Additional reinforcing bars or bars of a larger size may be required at the discretion of the Building Inspector. In the event of any differences between the above stated minimum requirements and the requirements of the architect’s or engineer’s design, the more stringent criteria will apply. It is the responsibility of the architect or engineer to provide a structurally sound design.
    • (b). Erosion and siltation measures shall be required at each construction site regardless of the size of the site. Silt fences, staked hay bales, or other necessary measures are required to retain silt, mud, and debris on the construction site and prevent siltation of adjacent properties, roadways and drainage ways. All work shall be done in accordance with best management practices.
    • (c). A foundation survey shall be provided to the building official after footing is poured to insure that all zoning requirements are met.

    (B) In the event that any two or more of the adopted codes contain conflicting requirements, the more protective requirement shall prevail.

    (C) Nothing contained herein shall prevent the city from adopting additional regulations as required for the public welfare.

    (D) Within said codes when reference is made to the duties of certain officials named therein that designated official in the city who has duties corresponding to those of the named officials in said code shall be deemed the responsible official insofar as enforcing the provisions of said code concerned.

City Information

  • How can I annex my property into Pelham?

    City of Pelham Annexation Requirements

    1. The property must be contiguous to (adjoining) the Pelham city limits.
    2. Furnish a letter of petition signed by property owner(s) requesting annexation into the City of Pelham. Include the name and address of all property owners, including a spouse if he/she is a co-owner.
    3. Furnish a typed legal description of the property and a copy of the current tax notice.
    4. Furnish a vicinity map showing the location of the property in relation to the current Pelham city limits and a plot map of the property.
    5. Furnish the name of the utility(s) currently providing water, sewer and garbage service.
    6. The number of family dwellings located on the property.
    7. A statement regarding the reason(s) for requesting annexation into the City of Pelham.

    The above information must be presented to the City Clerk at least one week prior to the city council meeting. The Pelham City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

    Possible reasons for annexation include excellent fire and police protection. We have well trained Emergency Medical Technicians answering medical calls. There are five fire stations strategically located to serve the city. The police department regularly patrols the entire city and has a quick response time to emergencies. They stand ready to serve the public whenever necessary.

    Our park and recreation programs include baseball, softball, basketball and football. Our municipal park is well maintained and has a walking track, playground areas, tennis courts and a covered pavilion in addition to the playing fields. Other recreational facilities include mini-parks located throughout the city, Pelham Racquet Club, Ballantrae Golf Club and Fun Go Holler Park.

    Our Pelham New Pioneer program appeals to many of our retired citizens. This program is supervised by the Pelham Library and offers many planned activities and trips throughout the year. The new Senior Center is located off County Road 52 East in front of the Pelham Racquet Club.

    As a citizen of this city you would have the right to vote in municipal elections and participate on city boards, committees and hold public office.
    Information concerning property taxes may be obtained through the Shelby County Tax Assessor’s office in Columbiana, 669-3904.

    If you have questions about these guidelines please contact Marsha Yates, MMC, City Clerk at 205-620-6402 or email at [email protected].

  • When is the next election for municipal officials?

    The next municipal election will be held August 23, 2016.

  • Where do I vote for municipal elections?

    The Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena is the polling place for municipal elections.

  • Who is my county commissioner?

    David Elwyn Bearden (205)988-4483

  • Who represents Pelham residents in Montgomery and Washington?

    Alabama House of Representatives

    Mike Hill, District 41 (334) 242-7715
    Arnold Mooney, District 43 (334) 242-7600
    April Weaver, District 49 (334) 242-7731

    Alabama Senate

    Cam Ward, 14th District (334) 242-7873
    Slade Blackwell, 15th District (334) 242-7851
    J. T. “Jabo” Waggoner, 16th District (334) 242-7892

    6th Congressional District

    Honorable Gary Palmer
    3535 Grandview Parkway, Suite 525
    Birmingham, AL 35243
    (205) 968-1290
    442 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    (202) 225-4921
    (202) 225-2082 FAX

    U. S. Senators

    Honorable Richard Shelby
    321 Federal Building
    1800 5th Avenue North
    Birmingham, AL 35203
    110 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
    Washington, D.C. 20510-0103
    (202) 224-5744
    (202) 224-3416 FAX

    Honorable Jeff Sessions
    341 Federal Building
    1800 5th Avenue North
    Birmingham, AL 35203
    (205) 731-1500
    493 Russell Senate Office Bldg.
    Washington, D.C. 20510-0104
    (202) 224-4124
    (202) 224-3149 FAX

  • What are your skating times?


    Click here for FREESTYLE LESSIONS skating schedule.

Fire Department

Parks and Recreation

  • How do I reserve the pavilion or a picnic area for a special event?

    Call the Pelham Parks & Recreation Department at (205)620-6426.

  • Do I have to live inside the city limits to play or use facilities in Pelham?

    Anyone interested in playing Dixie Youth Baseball or Softball must live within specific boundaries. These boundaries are maintained by the city limits.

    Anyone interested in playing Youth Football or Cheerleading must live in an area that is zoned to attend Pelham High School. These boundaries are maintained by the Shelby County Board of Education.

    All other services offered by the department are open to the general public, though a reservation fee may be charged to non-residents.

  • What activities are offered at the park?

    Athletic programs


    • Baseball
    • Cheerleading
    • Football
    • Softball
    • Tennis and Tennis Lessons


    • Fall Softball
    • Tennis and Tennis Lessons

    Recreational Activities

    • Walking Tracks
    • Picnic Areas
    • Playgrounds
    • Pavilion Area for Special Events
    • Outdoor Fitness Area

Police Department

  • My vehicle has been impounded. What do I do?

    First you must obtain a tow-in release form from the Pelham Police Department. The vehicle’s registered owner must be present with proof of vehicle ownership in order to obtain the tow-in release. You must also have a valid United States driver’s license or bring someone with you who has a valid United States driver’s license.

    Second, you take the tow-in release form you received from the Pelham Police Department to Kirkland’s Wrecker Service or Wheeler Wrecker Service to obtain your vehicle. When you receive your tow-in release form you will be told which wrecker service has your vehicle in their secure lot. Vehicles are released between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM, seven days a week.

    Directions to Kirkland’s Wrecker Service:
    From the Pelham Police Department turn soutn on U.S. Highway 31 and go to 2nd red light. Turn left onto County Road 52. Go to the 4th red light. Turn right onto McCain Parkway. Kirkland’s Wrecker Service is on the left at the bottom of the hill behind the Chevron station.

    Direcciones A Kirkland’s Wrecker Service:

    Directions to Wheeler Wrecker Service:
    Turn west (right) onto County Road 52. Cross the first set of railroad tracks and turn right onto Lee Street. Wheeler Wrecker is located on the left.

    Direcciones a Wheeler Wrecker Service:

  • Where are you located?

    From Birmingham, take I-65 South to Exit 242 (Pelham/Helena exit); turn right onto Hwy. 52 and follow it until it dead-ends at the traffic light on Pelham Parkway (Highway 31). Turn right onto Pelham Parkway, go to the first traffic light and turn left on Hwy. 52. Go approximately 100 feet to the first street on the right, Philip Davis Street, and turn right. You will see the Pelham Police Department on the left. Visitor parking is located to the left of the police department next to County Road 52. **Please do not park in the Realty South parking lot for police business.**

    Click here for directions.

  • How do I apply for a job as a Police Officer with the Pelham Police Department?

    Come to the Pelham Police Department, 32 Philip Davis Street to obtain an application package and instructions or visit our Recruiting & Employment section and download the employment application and instructions.

  • How do I obtain a permit to carry a firearm?

    Please contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at (205) 669-4181 or visit their website at http://www.shelbyso.com/page.php?p=permits to obtain a pistol permit.

  • How do I request a criminal record check?

    Contact Records Division, Pelham Police Department, 32 Philip Davis Street for information regarding criminal background checks, (205) 620-6443 or (205) 620-6463.

  • How do I get a copy of a police accident report?

    After three working days, contact the Records Division, Pelham Police Department, 32 Philip Davis Street, telephone number (205) 620-6443 or (205) 620-6463. Please refer to your case number when making inquiries. There is a $5.00 fee for each copy of a report.

Revenue Department

  • What is considered timely payment?

    Payment is considered timely if delivered or postmarked by the postal service on or before the due date. If the due date falls on a weekend or City observed holiday, payment is considered timely if hand-delivered or postmarked on the next business day.

  • When are license renewals due?

    The renewal of a business license is delinquent after January 31. Penalty and interest are imposed for licenses renewed after that date.

  • What is the business license year?

    The City of Pelham business license year runs January 1 through December 31.

  • When is a City of Pelham business license required?

    A business license is required by any person or other entity prior to starting any service or business activity in the City of Pelham.

    A reminder from the Building Department and Fire Prevention Division to businesses opening a location in Pelham or moving from one location to another in Pelham: Inspections from both the Building Department and Fire Department must be made prior to occupancy and the issuance of a business license. When completing the license application, the business must also complete an inspection request form and pay the required $25.00 inspection fee. Once both inspections have been made and approval is given, the business license will be issued and the business can occupy the location. If you have questions about the process or code requirements please call City Hall at 620-6400 or the Fire Department at 620-6500.

  • When are taxes due?

    Taxes are due by the 20th day of the month following the reporting period in which the tax is collected or accrued.

  • What are the tax rates?
    • Sales/Sellers Use – General 4%, Automotive 1%
    • Consumers Use – General 4%, Automotive 1%
    • Rental – General 2%, Automotive ½ %
    • Lodgings – 3%
    • Liquor – 5% of purchase price
    • Gasoline – .02 per gallon
  • What taxes are administered by the City of Pelham Revenue Department?

    Sales/Sellers Use, Consumers Use, Rental, Lodgings, Gas, Wine, Liquor and Business Licenses.

Streets and Sanitation

  • Who is responsible for repairing and replacing street signs?

    Street signs on city streets are installed by the developer at the time of initial development. The developer is responsible for these signs for a period of one year after installation. After this one-year period the street department is responsible for maintaining street signs on city streets. You may report a broken or missing street sign by calling the street department at 620-6416 or by emailing an Action Center form.

  • How do I order a new garbage or recycle bin?

    To order garbage or recycle bins, you may call the water department at 620-6420 or email an Action Center form.

  • How do I report a traffic light that is malfunctioning?

    The city contracts out the repair of traffic lights to a local company. To report traffic light problems you may call the street department at 620-6416 or e-mail an Action Center form.

  • Who do I contact about a nuisance or stray dog in my area?

    Street department personnel handle the animal control duties. Guidelines for animal control complaints are available in the animal control section of this website. You may report a stray or nuisance dog by calling the street department at 620-6416 or by e-mailing an Action Center form.

  • Who is responsible for repairing broken storm drain lids?

    The street department repairs storm drain lids on city streets that have been installed for more than one year. The developer is responsible for repairing those that have been installed for a lesser period of time. In either case, you may report broken storm drain lids by calling the street department at 620-6416 or by e-mailing an Action Center form.

  • When will my yard be repaired after a water main break?

    After the water department repairs a leak, topsoil is normally placed in the yard within one working week. Sodding or seeding of the yard is done after the ground has had time to settle. Depending on the severity of the leak, it may take two or three good rainfalls for the necessary settling to occur.

Water and Sewer

  • Can citizens use water from a fire hydrant?

    Water usage from fire hydrants is strictly prohibited unless permission has been obtained from the Director of Public Works or the Water Works Supervisor. If permission is granted by one of these people, certain prcedures must be followed before you begin using water from the fire hydrant.

  • Can I pay my water bill before or after normal business hours?

    Yes, there is a night deposit box located on the west side of the Water Works Office beside the drive-thru payment window.

  • Who is responsible for repairing a leak between the water meter and my house?

    The water line running from the meter to a house or business belongs to the owner; therefore, it is the owner’s reponsibility to repair the leak. If the leak is at the meter box please call the Water Works office at 205-620-6420 so someone can be dispatched to detemine who is reponsible for repairing the leak.