City of Pelham Emergency Warning System

It is vitally important that citizens are aware of severe weather impinging on their community. It is equally important that this information be disseminated in a rapid fashion as severe weather can develop with little or no notice. The use of the Warning Sirens in the city of Pelham can assist in this notification.

The emergency sirens for the City of Pelham are activated by on-duty dispatch personnel. The City of Pelham Emergency Dispatch Center personnel have the responsibility of monitoring developing weather conditions. If there is a developing weather situation, on-duty dispatch personnel will tune the dispatch center televisions to a local weather broadcast, monitor the NOAA weather radio and monitor trusted weather websites.

While the outdoor warning system is an effective method of notifying those outdoors, it is only one component of a comprehensive emergency warning system including the use of NOAA weather radios, the Emergency Alert System, and emergency notifications from local media.

Designed as an outdoor warning system, the sirens should not be relied upon to provide sufficient warning indoors or in noisy areas. Air-conditioning, thunder, wind, rain, and other conditions can cause the sirens not to be heard indoors or outdoors (even if sirens can be heard during tests). Sirens are also subject to lightning strikes and other equipment malfunction. Furthermore, sirens provide no information on the type of threat or exact location of potential danger. For this reason, if you hear the sirens, you should seek shelter immediately as the threat may be in your immediate area.

Individuals, families, and businesses are strongly encouraged to use NOAA weather radios to receive warnings and emergency information.

The City of Pelham’s outdoor warning system consists of 29 sirens placed strategically throughout the city as an early warning device to alert citizens of potential danger. The outdoor warning siren system is designed to alert citizens of Weather Alert/Tornado, Flood and National Disasters. The city of Pelham conducts a monthly test of the emergency siren system. The test occurs on the first Monday of every month at 10:00 am. (The test may be cancelled if there is a threat of severe weather on that particular day.) The test consists of three (3) siren tones being sounded for 60 seconds each with 30 seconds of silence between soundings.

The sirens in the city of Pelham are located at:

  1. 140 Commerce Drive – Ryder Transportation
  2. Highway 72 – Mallard Point Mini-Park
  3. 3000 Highway 11 – Alabama Wire
  4. Crosscreek Trail – Vulcan Threaded Products
  5. 3440 Pelham Parkway – Post Airgas
  6. 2500 Pelham Parkway – Great Southern Construction
  7. 3966 Highway 11 – Deer Springs Grocery
  8. 3162 Pelham Parkway – Pelham City Hall
  9. Ballantrae Club Drive – Ballantrae Golf Course
  10. 100 North Chandalar Drive – Fire Station #4
  11. 1000 Amphitheater Road – Verizon Wireless Music Center
  12. Ballpark Road – Pelham City Park
  13. 1862 Trail Ridge Drive – Indian Hills Subdivision
  14. 280 Kings Crest Lane – Weatherly Water Tank
  15. 128 Weeping Willow Drive – Windstone Subdivision
  16. Highway 36 – Water Tank
  17. Highway 11 – Oak Forest Subdivision
  18. Oaklyn Hills Drive – Oaklyn Hills Subdivision
  19. 595 Whitetail Run – Deer Ridge Lakes Subdivision
  20. 7220 Highway 11 – Grey Oaks Subdivision
  21. Oxford Way – The Ledges
  22. 699 Stuart Lane – Stuart Ln
  23. 651 Heather Ridge Drive – Heather Ridge
  24. 2550 Panther Circle – Pelham High School
  25. 2410 Royal Lane – Royal Ln
  26. 1601 Ballantrae Club Dr – Fire Sta. 5
  27. Stoneykirk Rd – Ballantrae Water Tank
  28. McCain Parkway – McCain Pkwy
  29. High Hampton Road – High Hampton

TORNADO WARNING: Tornado Warning activation is a steady, constant tone that is approximately three minutes in duration. The Weather Alert/Tornado siren will be activated for:

  • The tornado warning or straight line winds is in Shelby County with tornado or strong straight line winds moving toward the city of Pelham.
  • The tornado warning is in a neighboring city regardless of its direction of travel.
  • If the tornado or straight line winds is in the city of Pelham.
  • The tornado warning or strong straight line winds are in Shelby County with the direction of travel unknown or uncertain.
  • Police or Fire department sighting.
  • At least one public sighting.

NOTE: It will not be necessary to activate the sirens if the City of Pelham is not in danger, such as tornado warning in Shelby County with the tornado in Montevallo moving southward.

ACTION NEEDED: If the outdoor warning system is heard at anytime other than scheduled test days, seek shelter and tune in to local radio, television, or your NOAA weather radio for instructions and information. It is equally important that citizens understand that this is not the only source of information. Citizens should familiarize themselves with local T. V. and radio stations that can relay information on inclement weather. Being aware of expected weather will allow residents to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. In addition, monitoring these news and information channels will allow residents to be aware of weather as it progresses, and make informed decisions regarding personal safety, quite possibly before warning sirens can be activated. It is important to remember that any thunderstorm can produce a tornado with little or no warning. Listen to a battery-powered NOAA weather radio or local radio or television station for updated information and to determine when conditions are safe.

When a tornado warning is issued, take the following immediate safety precautions:

  • In a home or building, move to a pre-designated shelter, such as a basement.
  • If an underground shelter is not available, move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor and get under a sturdy piece of furniture.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Get out of automobiles.
  • Do not try to outrun a tornado in your car; instead, leave it immediately.
  • Mobile homes, even if tied down, offer little protection from tornadoes and should be abandoned.

FLOOD WARNING: A Flood Warning activation is denoted by a high/low sound with a rapid interval. If the waters in Bishop Creek approach flood state, the siren will be sounded for 3 minute duration with an up and down tone.

ACTION NEEDED: If you are in the flood prone area/zone, take action immediately to protect yourself, family and belongings.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCIDENT: In the event evacuation is needed because of a railroad accident, vehicle tank car accident, etc., involving hazardous materials the siren will be sounded with an up and down blast of 3 minutes.

ACTION NEEDED: Tune in to your local T.V. or radio for information as to what action to take. The media will be advised of details of the emergency action to take to let you know what to do. DO NOT go to the accident scene.

NATIONAL EMERGENCY: A General Disaster activation (civil defense, etc.) is denoted by a high/low sound; however, the interval between high and low is longer. This notification is at the direction of the President of the United States in a national crisis. This is a tone that will continue until cancelled by the appropriate agency.

ACTION NEEDED: Take cover immediately and tune in to a designated radio station.

Thank you and stay safe!