• Mailing Address
    Pelham City Hall
    P .O. Box 1419 / 3162 Pelham Parkway
    Pelham, AL 35124
  • Phone Number
    (205) 620-6400
  • Fax Number
    (205) 663-0050
  • Hours
    08:00 AM, monday --- 05:00 PM, friday

City Clerk:

The City Clerk prepares ordinances and resolutions, attends all meetings of the Pelham City Council and records in the minutes an accurate record of the actions of the governing body. The City Clerk serves as custodian of the rules, ordinances, resolutions and minutes of the city council, municipal lawsuits, subdivision bonds and other permanent records of the city. Other responsibilities include processing municipal bids and contracts, updating the Code of Ordinances, records management for the city and public records access. The City Clerk serves as the Election Manager in charge of all municipal elections.

City Clerk Marsha Yates can be contacted at 205.620.6402 or [email protected].

Minutes of council meetings are posted on this website and can be found by going to Document Archives (User name: pelham; Password: pelham) which is located on the city’s home page.

Municipal Code Corporation publishes the City of Pelham’s Code of Ordinances. You may access the code by clicking on this Municipal Code Corporation link found under City Information on the city’s home page.  We are pleased to provide this easy access to the City of Pelham Code of Ordinances.

Assessment letters may be obtained by calling the Pelham Water Works at 205-620-6420.

The Pelham Municipal Court Clerk can be reached at 205-620-6407.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact Marsha Yates, City Clerk at 620-6402 or [email protected].