Applications & Permits

Submit two complete set of plans for residential, two sets of stamped plans for commercial, with plot plan, wall detail, grading plan, Land Disturbance permit (requirements listed below), and Landscaping and Buffer plan. Permit fee is based on square footage of home/commercial improvement. The builder is required to pay a sewer impact fee at the time the permit is purchased if the project is going on the sewer system. Inspections are to be called in the day before an inspection is needed. All construction is to be in accordance to the International Building Code, 2009 Edition, International Residential Code, 2009 edition. A foundation survey shall be provided to the Building Official after footing is poured to insure that all zoning requirements are met. For additional adopted codes and regulations, call (205) 620-6411 or fax (205) 663-3116. All contractors, subs, and suppliers are to be licensed with the City of Pelham. Proof of State certification is required on certain classifications. Contractors are to check with the Building Department regarding zoning of property sites before submitting plans for construction. Builders and business owners should also check with the Building Department regarding the City of Pelham Sign Ordinance.

Sign Permits
The City of Pelham Sign Ordinance requires the issuance of a permit to erect, change or alter any type sign. The square footage of the building determines the copy area and height allowed for signs. The permit fee is based on the cost of improvement.

Download Permit Application