Prescription/OTC Drug Disposal

The Pelham Police Department is pleased to announce the placement of a drug disposal box in the lobby of the Police and Courts building located at 32 Philip Davis Street.  Effective immediately, anyone wishing to dispose of prescription or over the counter medications may do so anonymously at this location.

You do not have to see anyone or fill out any paperwork.  It is as simple as bringing the medications to the lobby of the building and dropping them in the drug take-back box. We do not accept thermometers, needles, inhalers, aerosol cans, lotions or liquids.

The dangers of keeping unused and outdated medications in your home continue to rise annually.  The illegal use of prescription drugs is a serious problem and continues to destroy the lives of many individuals each and every day.  Please join the Pelham Police Department and help put a stop to the illegal use of prescription drugs in our community, turn in your unused and outdated drugs today.  Thank you for helping in the fight against prescription drug abuse.

The disposal box was donated by CVS Pharmacy as part of a grant.