Food Trucks

On May 4, 2015, the Pelham City Council passed Ordinance No. 288-09 allowing licensed Food Trucks to operate in the City of Pelham.

Ordinance No. 288-09 and Addendum

Food Truck Business Licence Application

Application Process:

All Food Truck Business permitting applications must be completed in their entirety including the addendum on Page 3 of Ordinance No. 288-09. Processing of the license request may take 3-5 business days. Incomplete applications will not be processed.  Cash and check are the accepted forms of payment.


It is very important you take the time to read the ordinance in it’s entirety.   The ordinance contains approved standards, practices, requirements, penalties and exceptions. The completed addendum on page 3 of Ordinance 288-09 along with the completed business license application is required for processing.

Do I qualify as a Food Truck?

A Food Truck is a self contained vehicle, trailer or pushcart that serves prepared foods or prepares and serves food in various locations of the City.

Do I need a Business License? 

Yes. All Food Trucks operating in the City must obtain an annual business license from the City of Pelham. Business Licenses are issued for the period beginning January 1st and ending December 31st of each year. This license must be posted in a visible location at all times.

Where can I set-up my Food Truck?

  • All Food Trucks must be located off the public rights-of-way.
  • You may only be located and operate in areas/districts zoned non-residential unless they are temporarily operated for specific events held at a church that is located on a parcel zoned for residential use.
  • All Food Trucks must have the written approval of the property and business owner for each location at which the Food Truck operates.
  • No Food Truck shall operate in excess of three (3) consecutive days in any one location, without the Mayor’s written approval.
  • No Food Truck shall operate on more than two (2) individual sites within the City per day.
  • No more than one (1) Food Truck shall operate on the same site per day without the Mayor’s written approval.
  • Food Trucks shall not be located within two hundred (200) feet of the main entrance of the nearest restaurant during the restaurant’s posted hours of operation.
  • All Food Trucks shall be located a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet away from any fire hydrant, sidewalk, utility boxes, handicap ramps and building entrances.
  • No Food Truck shall occupy parking spaces required to fulfill the minimum requirement of a principal use.
  • No Food Truck shall obstruct or encroach upon fire lanes, vehicular access ways or pedestrian walkways.

Other Food Truck Questions:

  • Food Truck hours of operation shall be between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. local time. Special events or extensions of time will require the Mayor’s written approval.
  • Food Trucks are responsible for the proper disposal of waste and trash associated with the operation. Trash receptacles must be within three (3) feet of the truck. City trash receptacles shall not be used.
  • No amplified bullhorns, flashing lights or other distraction shall be permitted.
  • Signage is limited to signage located on the truck; no portable signage is allowed.
  • Shelby County Health Department approval is required.