Secondary Water Meters

Please note: The customer is responsible for notifying Pelham Water Works when the meter is ready to be inspected.

Ordinance 156-5: Section 9

Guidelines established by the Pelham Water Works: For residential customers requesting a secondary meter set therefore, not being charged sewer fees for water passing through the authorized and approved secondary water meter.

The following guidelines are thus established:

1.  Secondary water meters shall be limited to lawn and garden irrigation, filling and maintaining swimming pools.

2.  The customer shall make application to Pelham Water Works. These guideline are provided with the application and made a part of the application. The customer, in making application, agrees to abide by these guidelines as part of the consideration by the City to allow the secondary water meter set.

3.  The customer shall provide to Pelham Water Works the information as requested on the application along with the actual cost of the meter set plus a $50.00 inspection fee.

4.  The secondary meter set materials can be picked up at Pelham Water Works by the customer or the licensed contractor performing the work after the application has been made and fees have been paid.

5.  Licensed contractor shall perform the installation of the secondary water meter set. The secondary water meter set shall be located at or near the property line or at the City’s option on the customer’s property within 3 feet of the property line and within 5 feet of the primary meter. The customer shall provide a suitable place for the meter. This place must be unobstructed and accessible at all times to the meter reader. The customer’s piping and apparatus shall be installed and maintained y the customer in a safe manner and in accordance with the City’s rules and regulations and in full compliance with ADEM public water supply regulations.

6.  Pelham Water Works shall perform a final inspection and approve the secondary water meter set installation prior to utilization. Approved installations shall be eligible for sewer fee adjustment based on the water passing through the approved secondary meter. Unapproved installations shall not be eligible for sewer fee adjustment. If a second inspection is requested, an additional $50.00 inspection fee will need to be paid.

7.  Any question or conflict arising due to these guidelines or the interpretation thereof shall be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Public Works. These guidelines or parts of these guidelines in any manner conflicting with any ordinance or parts of ordinances are hereby repealed and the ordinance shall prevail and govern. These guidelines and teh ordinance which establishes them and the charges to the customer are subject to change from time to time without notice.

8.  Pelham Water Works reserves the right to inspect the secondary water meter at any time.

9.  The customer, in making application for a secondary water meter, agrees to abide by these guidelines and the ordinances relating thereto. Failure of the customer to abide by these guidelines and the ordinances relating thereto will result in voiding the agreement with Pelham Water Works in the use of the secondary water meter and the possibility of penalties including but not limited to theft of services.


Application for Secondary Water Meter