Opportunity League

The Opportunity League was formed in conjunction with the Easter Seals of Alabama as an avenue for special needs children to play the great game of baseball. The league was formed with one goal in mind, to give these children an opportunity to play baseball in a realistic setting. Fun-Go-Holler Park was the perfect spot. With some reconditioning of the infield dirt to accomodate wheel chairs, the league was formed in 2010. Each year we have had 4 teams and a multitude of volunteers which is key to the continuation of the league. The majority of the games are played Saturday mornings where you can see kids sliding in the dirt after a well hit ball. Each team practices every Tuesday prior to the beginning of the season.

Opening Day for the Opportunity League is held in sync with the Pelham Youth Baseball/Softball Program which helps to accomplish our main goal of the realistic setting. It is a pleasure and honor to watch these children run out on the field as their team is announced on Opening Day. The season ends with a cookout at Fun-Go-Holler Park for the players, their families and the volunteers who have given unselfishly of their time to make a difference in a child’s life.

Please read below the power of this league.  This is from one of the dad’s whose child played in the league.

Hey Guys,

 I just wanted to thank everyone again for putting this league together. Words can’t express what things like this mean to us as parents. As with any parent, the thing I worry about most is what the future holds for Gunnar but if he can continue to be surrounded by a community that cares for him and shows him the love that has been shown by everyone involved, it does my heart good.  Some of my fondest childhood memories were at the ball park with my Dad and to be able to share that experience with my son is something that I can never repay you guys for…..

Please pass this along to everyone involved in the league. In a their world filled with therapy and the day to day obstacles that all of the kids face, to see Gunnar get to be a kid means so much to me.


Come on out to the ball park and watch an Opportunity League game. I promise you will go home with the greatest feeling in the world.

Billy Crandall
Parks and Recreation Director

2012 OL Volunteer Form

2012 OL Player Registration

2012 Season Opportunity League Game and Practice Schedule